Local Plan Template

  • Mobile and telecommunication networks are a now crucial part of our national infrastructure. Communities rely on good quality mobile connectivity for their professional and personal lives and to access essential services. Mobile connectivity is also essential to realising a number of objectives, including prosperous communities, social inclusion, an effective transport network, and improved employment, and other economic outcomes. Consequently, the social and economic and economic benefits of modern mobile connectivity will be treated as a material consideration in weighing up the merits of a planning application
  • The local authority will proactively seek to promote mobile and digital connectivity by allowing the development of infrastructure such as masts and base stations, where these are needed to meet growing demand for connections and capacity. The local authority will also ensure that proper consideration is given to how improvements in connectivity and increased demand will be met within any new proposals for residential, commercial and other development. Moreover, the impact on existing mobile coverage of new developments will be considered, so as to ensure adequate steps are being taken to maintain coverage.
  • There shall be a presumption in favour of development which supports the expansion of mobile and digital connection networks. Applications for phone masts, base stations and other mobile infrastructure will be approved provided that:

a) the siting of the proposal and any other additional equipment involved with the development does not unduly detract from the appearance of the surrounding area

b) realistic alternative sites and potential mast sharing opportunities have been assessed and rejected.

c) the proposal conforms to the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines, taking account of, where appropriate, the cumulative impact of all operators equipment located on the mast/site.