What We Are Doing

The Government has set out an ambitious strategy for the UK to be the leading digital economy, with world-class connectivity in the places we live, work and travel. Millions of people rely on fast, high quality mobile connectivity for their work, personal and social lives, and to access the services on which we all rely.

Network operators are at the forefront of delivering on the Government’s ambition, and are helping all the nations and regions of Britain prepare for the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution by investing heavily in our networks and in research, innovation and skills. We are working to ensure that the infrastructure is in place to meet the needs of your population, who are increasingly connected society and reliant upon the digital economy.

1) We will support the UK’s digital ambitions and help drive economic growth by Building Mobile Britain 

Network operators are investing to meet the demands of the growing digitalisation of all aspects of our lives and in the infrastructure necessary to support the digital economy. This provides the foundation for the services, apps, content and communication technology that allows everyone to benefit from the full range of application of mobile connectivity.

2) We will continue to invest heavily in our mobile networks, enhancing coverage and  capacity through upgrades and technological advancement 

The growth in demand for mobile internet means that operators need to continually  invest in strengthening our networks and improving our infrastructure to increase resilience and capacity. Our members are continually improving and enhancing the UK’s networks, including through an ambitious £5bn investment programme to extend coverage and capacity. This includes improvements in our networks to allow for better performance, and preparing for the commercial rollout of 5G.

3) We will work in partnership with stakeholders to enhance the connectivity of communities and businesses across the UK 

Thanks to the investment made by mobile network operators, 90% of UK premises now have voice coverage, while 4G geographic coverage has increased substantially over the past year from 48% to 72%. This is set to increase further as we continue to improve capacity and the quality of coverage. We are continually looking at ways to strengthen our networks through deployment of high tech solutions and partnerships with local stakeholders.

4) We will ensure that the UK is at the forefront of mobile technology by investing in and laying the foundations for the next generation of mobile communications 

Mobile network operators are already preparing to realise the opportunities and possibilities afforded by next generation 5G connectivity. Operators are already starting to build the necessary infrastructure, such as Massive MIMO sites, carrying out research and trials, building partnerships and testing a range of 5G technologies and services to prioritise those that can be brought to market.