Digital Campaigner

Ensure your local authority nominates a digital connectivity champion to prioritise mobile and fixed broadband within local government.


Encouraging partnerships between local authorities and mobile providers to trial new methods of extending mobile coverage in the area

Local planning teams

Requesting that development plans and planning teams consider mobile connectivity upfront and at the beginning of a project to ensure new developments and sites have good coverage

Third party advocates

Mobile operators will not be able to overcome challenges in mast deployment independently. We require local and third party advocates who will actively support local policy changes in favour of mobile infrastructure deployment

Working with local authorities 

Encouraging conversations between mobile providers and local authorities to make
it easier for operators to deploy new infrastructure and deliver services to harder
to reach areas

Spread Our Message

Our campaign needs your support. Use the #BuildingMobileBritain hashtag and infographics on our Facts & Figures page. To help spread our message.